Smart Education in Canada : 54,000 IT Jobs In Canada Unfilled: Report

The Canadian IT industry is short 54,000 jobs,

IDC defines the skills gap as what is needed to "get the right resource at the right time and at the right price."

In 2014, the IT skills gap amounted to 54,000 people and cost Canadian organizations close to $1 billion, according to the report.

IDC Canada's Research Vice President, Services and Enterprise Applications, that he was surprised when a majority of businesses told IDC that they did not consider an IT skills gap a major issue.

"I didn't take that at face value. I wanted to dig deeper," "Basically, from what companies are saying, it's not an issue because they've found workarounds."

With a high demand and a low supply of workers, human resources firm

"Canada is not only known for it's picturesque locations, but also for it's high standard of education. The Colleges in Canada are at par with the best known Colleges in the world, in terms of the educational programs offered and the facilities provided to the students " , says Mr. Deepak, Education Manager, Career XL Services..


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