Smart Education in Ireland : Will a masters degree give you that competitive edge?

In a competitive jobs market, it’s important to give yourself that extra edge over other applicants. And one of the best ways to achieve this is so straightforward: do a masters.

Let’s get us off to statistical start: of those graduating in 2011-12 in our neighbouring UK, data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency shows that 86.6% of postgraduates were working in professional positions six months after graduating, compared with 64% of first degree graduates. We don't have specific Irish data, but UK studies also show that with a masters, you’re better paid; the uplift is about £2-3k to start with.

Wondering why that might be? Well, you’ll be better educated – and that means you’ll have increased knowledge in your field. You’ll also find, whatever your subject, you’ll have acquired transferable skills alongside specific academic and technical or specialist knowledge. Employers value those skills highly. Finally, your masters indicates commitment to your discipline and work sector. And employers always prefer those who are passionate about, and committed to, their work.

Statistics and general opinion are on your side - but just because you have a masters at the end of your studies, you don’t automatically get a job. That’s obvious. At NCI, that’s where our award-winning Careers and Opportunity Service comes in. With great industry links and a personalised approach, they're the reason NCI is consistently voted 'Best for Jobs' amongst Irish colleges.

Interested in studying a part-time masters in Dublin? Or perhaps a full-time masters is what you had in mind? NCI offers a suite of innovative part-time courses in Business, Finance, Management, HR, Marketing and Computing.

"Ireland is emerging the best place to study nowadays...many students are selecting Ireland because the country offers many good reasons which no other country till now offers", says Mr. Deepak, Education Manager, Career XL Services..


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