Smart Education in Canada : Job Fair Attracts Hundreds of Students and Grads

Windsor, ON - Hundreds attended the 16th annual St. Clair College and University of Windsor Job Fair held at the Centre for the Arts Wednesday.

Karen Gill-Gore, Director of Government Training Services for the St. Clair College Employment Centre, said the event is a unique opportunity for students, grads and employers that typically attracts about 1,400-1,800 attendees.

"It gives an opportunity for local employers, as well as provincial and international employers, to have access to our great students and graduates," said Gill-Gore during the event. "And it provides job opportunities for students and alumnus."

This year, Gill-Gore said 76 employers, and more than 170 representatives participated in the sold-out event. A great diversity of positions were available in a number of different industries at this year's job fair, she said.

"Another key piece to our job fair is the employers that are here are employers that are hiring," said Gill-Gore.

Hussien Elnimairi is a graduate of St. Clair College's Civil Engineering program. He said the job fair is a convenient one-stop place for students and grads to network and learn about the different jobs available.

"It's a very good chance to get to talk to the right people about jobs at these specific companies and agencies," said Elnimairi. "And here, you get to compare different jobs because they are all here in one spot, which makes it easier for you."

Soon-to-be St. Clair grad Ramona Tomlin, who is currently enrolled in her final semester of the Paralegal program, said she was excited to attend this year's event.

"I think this job fair is great for grads and potential grads, like myself, because it helps them find employers and get in contact with them before they graduate," said Tomlin.

Karen Speers was one of the representatives from Windsor Mold who attended the event. At her booth, she had several molds their company has assembled, such as a Mustang tail light. She said the company has attended the job fair several times in the past.

"We're looking for skilled trades, desperately," said Speers. "I think the skilled trades in general maybe has a bit of a stigma attached to it still, but if you look around, there's so many skilled trades shops around. The jobs are there and it's a viable opportunity and career for people that maybe it's gotten overlooked over the years."

Speers said Windsor Mold – which employs about 200 people locally – has had great success hiring grads from St. Clair College's Pre-Apprenticeship program.

"Currently we have three or four apprentices we've hired from the college and they are skyrocketing, going above and beyond where we would've expected from them," said Speers. "We've had enormous success and we attribute that to the foundation that is built at St. Clair College."

"Canada is not only known for it's picturesque locations, but also for it's high standard of education. The Colleges in Canada are at par with the best known Colleges in the world, in terms of the educational programs offered and the facilities provided to the students " , says Mr. Deepak, Education Manager, Career XL Services..


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