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We're one university, with one goal: to deliver even more for our students, staff and partners. That's why we were voted No. 1 in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Awards, 2014-15.Together we’re building something very special.

Here our students, staff and partners explain just why we're number one...

Make your experience at university unforgettable

"It's an exciting time to be a student, especially in a university that's passionate about being at the cutting edge, which I believe Sheffield is."

Nicola Cooper, computer science graduate Associate Director, Ernst and Young Young IT Professional of the Year 2011

What made you choose Sheffield?

I love the city for its pride and work ethos and propensity towards participation and performance – be that in music, literature, even politics.

Where does your passion come from?

From language, from wanting to communicate and express myself, from believing in poetry as an enduring mainstay against the white noise of everyday life.

Professor of Poetry Simon Armitage

"The University of Sheffield is home to over 5,500 international students from over 115 countries.

"Our international reputation for academic excellence attracts students and staff from around the world.

"Once you're here, you'll meet people who will welcome you and make your experience unforgettable."

Gosia Wells, Director, International Office

THE NUMBER OF Irish people who have joined the networking and recruitment social network LinkedIn has officially passed one million.

"There are lounges, pubs, dining places, laundromats, and a supermarket, a bakery, a bookstore, and an Asian shop, where I can buy some chinese food.

"I am sharing with four other students – one from Iran, one from Hong Kong, and two from the UK. Sometimes when I don't feel like cooking, I will go down to the dining place at The Edge for a meal."

"My supervisor is always there when I need him to review my work, but also to give me advice in University-related matters. He has been a guide throughout all my adaptation process to another system."

Dejanira Araiza Illan, postgraduate research student from Mexico

We're number one

The BBC Countryfile Magazine Outdoors City of the Year is... Sheffield!

Although many of us would like to live in a little cottage in the middle of nature, working life doesn't always allow that. With that in mind, we asked you to vote for the Voting is now closed and we can announce that the BBC Countryfile Magazine Outdoors City of the Year is...

This beautiful city received a huge 71% of votes, followed by Edinburgh with 21%. And you love it for many reasons: "Half the population live within 15 minutes of open countryside", "The UK city with the most green space, and parks that lead seamlessly from the city out to the Peak District", "Great outdoorsy shops and resources", "Sheffield is green on so many levels", "It has to be Sheffield: hills, valleys, rock faces, cycle paths, moors, there's nothing you can't do!"

Councillor Isobel Bowler, cabinet member for culture, sport and leisure at , said: “I am extremely pleased that this poll has confirmed that Sheffield is the best in the UK for people who love the outdoors.

Home to runners, climbers and hikers, and with a third of our city within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park, there really is no other major UK city as in touch with the outdoors as Sheffield is."

"The facilities at Sheffield are really impressive…such as the flight simulator, the wind tunnels. There are places for students to study and work in groups, as well as lots of opportunities to use equipment that you wouldn't get to use in other universities."

Stephanie Morton, aerospace engineering undergraduate

"We believe that the University of Sheffield is one of the few universities that really understands the link between research and industrial application."

Sir Roger Bone President, Boeing UK

Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor of the University and Ally Buckle, Students’ Union President talk about their unique partnership

Everything we do at Sheffield is based on one simple but powerful idea: we won’t settle for ordinary.

That's why some of the most talented, ambitious staff and students in the world come here. It's why we're among the top 100 universities in the

Every one of our faculties is a centre of excellence. Our track record for teaching and research is outstanding.

This is our home. It's an extraordinary place.

Study with us

"I chose the University of Sheffield because of the proven track record in medical research. Some of the teachers are people whose work I have read about in science journals. It is fascinating to be taught by the experts in the field."

Gbadebo Adeleke,molecular medicinepostgraduate

"Our teaching spaces are always at their best. Jackie is always cheerful and welcoming to everyone."

Student quote about Jackie James, cleaner at the arts and humanities Jessop West building

Highly rated

"Students tell us openly what means the most to them.

"As a university we do our utmost to listen to that.

"That means everything from how we welcome students and help them make the transition from living at home to university life, to the support of academic and personal tutors, exceptional student services and library facilities, and of course our top-rated Students' Union."

Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor

"Sheffield gave me key transferable skills that helped me to stand out among graduates from other universities."

Harsh Srivastav, electrical engineering graduate from India

We love ideas. Especially when they're ambitious and original. If you have an idea for an event or you want to start your own business, you’ll be surprised how much we can do to support you.

We run bootcamps and skills sessions for aspiring entrepreneurs. We can help you find funding for your ideas.

We even teach a module called Making Ideas Happen so you can make entrepreneurial skills part of your course.

We have exchange agreements with some of the world's leading universities.

Through our Study Abroad programme you could spend a year studying at a top university in North America, Australasia, Singapore or Hong Kong. Through the Erasmus scheme you can spend time working or studying in Europe.

Study Abroad and Erasmus

Dr Allan Pacey'sgroundbreaking research on fertility has captured the world's imagination through films such as The Great Sperm Race (Channel 4) and The Truth About Food (BBC2). A senior lecturer in medicine, he also directs a pioneering masters course in science communication.

Professor Nikki Dibben'scollaboration with Björk on the singer's groundbreaking interactive album Biophilia is a major event in 21st-century culture. She is the author of Björk (Equinox, 2009) and co-author of Music and Mind in Everyday Life (OUP, 2009). Nikki teaches popular music studies.

"What excites me are the commercial and academic challenges in providing effective search tools. I work with people at Google and Microsoft who do some really amazing and interesting things and I bring that into my teaching and research."

Professor Paul Clough, Professor in Information Retrieval

"I like the fact that there are never more than 20 students in every class I attend so everyone gets a chance to participate actively in the lessons.

I also love the diversity of material we use in the course."

Maria Luigia Gentile Fusillo (far right), undergraduate Russian studies student

Experience Sheffield

UK is one of the best place to study ..It has Top Quality Education providers says Mr. Deepak, Education Manager, Career XL Services..


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