Smart Education in Ireland : IT jobs in Ireland continue to outnumber available talent.

The number of available jobs in Ireland has risen a massive 40pc on this time last year, with a 12pc decrease in the number seeking employment, highlighting the speed with which supply is outstripping demand.

In total, 13,314 professional opportunities were listed in May according to Morgan McKinley’s Irish Employment Monitor, with cybersecurity roles rising in every month of this year.

What’s adding to the difficulties of employers is the fact that many of the jobs created in 2015 are new roles and do not include legacy skill sets.

According to the report, companies are responding by sourcing professionals from overseas and are focusing on cultivating future talent by developing stronger links with universities and third-level institutions.

IT jobs in Ireland are in abundance

“Job flow is steady overall with high demand in certain key areas including IT, particularly cybersecurity and banking and financial services. HR remains a very buoyant sector as companies continue to grow their headcounts,” said Morgan McKinley Ireland’s operations director, Bryan Hyland.

“The gap between those seeking employment and opportunities available continues to develop. The higher rates of employment generally have resulted in fewer people looking for jobs.

“Furthermore, many of the new professional opportunities are highly-skilled, specialist roles that do not require legacy skill sets.”

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