Smart Education in Ireland : Job listings skyrocketing in Ireland this year (infographic)

The total number of jobs advertised in Ireland in Q2 of this year was up 17pc on 2014’s numbers.

This period saw telecoms, in particular, seeing a sharp rise in job postings, up 41pc on the same time last year.

Banking and fintech saw listings up by almost half, with construction, architecture and property up 18pc, according to a report by

Of jobseekers surveyed that are currently employed, almost one-fifth have received a salary increase this year, with another 30pc expecting one.

There’s plenty of movement, too, with almost everyone surveyed (93pc) saying they would upskill or retrain for a new job as the market shifts.

“The Jobs Index has shown steady growth in the jobs market over the past year and this growth is gaining momentum,” says Safann MacCarthy, marketing director with

“Employers across SME’s and large enterprise are hiring at a greater rate with a very positive impact on the total number of jobs available.”

"Ireland is emerging the best place to study nowadays...many students are selecting Ireland because the country offers many good reasons which no other country till now offers", says Mr. Deepak, Education Manager, Career XL Services..


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